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Beauty Talk: Beauty on Budget

Hi Beauty reader!

The price of beauty product in this day is really staggering. Everyone knows that personal care products, cosmetics and beauty services take a big bite of our money. By the time every woman paid for their skin care, cosmetics, salon visit, body treatment and slimming treatment, they can easily spend hundreds or millions of rupiah or can be more per month.

Actually, you don't have to blow a lot of money for being a makeup junkie or a cosmetics hoarder. You don't have to overindulge your cost only for personal apperance. That's true as a woman it is important to take care of your apperance, but should you waste a lot of money on that sector? No! It is possible to take care of yourself in frugally ways.

Many of my friends frequently ask me how I manage my budget to buy beauty supplies. They are wondering how I manage may money on beauty sector. They are wondering how can I buy a lot of makeup but still have a lot of money to spend in other sector. They think that it often seems impossible to achieve the beautiful look without spending lot of cost.

I find myslef to be a little different. With little amount of money and budget strategic I can have huge amount of product but still have cash in my bank at the end of the day. I've discovered that strategic and budget will help you to stretch your beauty budget. Cut your beauty budget down from thousand to the hundreds by following these beauty tips.

I created categorized list for products

tIn order to stretch your budget for beauty product properly, first you need to categorized your basic beauty product. I wrote the categorized, the item and listed the product.

Hair Care Product

Skin Care Product
Makeup Product

Body Care Product

I wrote the cost of each item and the amount of times per month that I would need to repurchased and define which product that I used regularly. There is an interesting thing in this step. For example cheap drugstore skin care, face serum cost Rp. 50.000 that contained little product were used within a month compare to expensive serum cost Rp. 600.000 but lasted me about six months, so it really was not costing me more that the cheap serum, right?

I also find that downgrade to less expensive brand works. This may seem obvious since many people think they must buy high end quality beauty product rather that drug store beauty product. If you have always used pricey name brand products, you may not realized that many good, inexpensive brand exsist. Challenge yourself to downgrade one product to see if the cheaper product is an acceptable subtitute. 

For example, the expensive mascara that cost Rp. 300.000 contained little product compare to local mascara product cost Rp. 65.000, both product basically give the same result. By subtitute my high end product with my inexpensive product I still get the same quality with cheaper price. This activity helped me to further eliminate products and figure out which product worked best for me and my budget.

Oh ya, some of you may be familiar with "Makeup Dupe". A dupe is a cheaper product that has similarity-colored and often similar in finish compared to high end product. It might be cheaper that high end, often better-performing and sometimes more available to you in your area. The idea of substitute is similar to "Makeup Dupe". Why spend Rp. 300.000 on one piece of make up if you can spend just Rp. 65.000 on something that works just as well as and looks exactly the same? That's the idea. It is good to save if you can, right?

Try to shop in Unconventional Locations

Altough I prefer to buy makeup and beauty supplies at drugstore or beauty store like Sephora or Seibu, I can't deny that sometimes I prefer to buy makeup in some unconventional locations. I am sure for any girl on a tight budget, it can be too painful to spend your money on Sephora and gazing amaze at an expensive makeup that may you could never afford.

I myself, personally tortue mysled on a daily basis by shopping online or shopping at local store. By choosing alternative to shop you don't have to suffer beauty heartache. I will lay out some of my favourited shopping place.

Offline Store

-   Online Store

         Instagram Store

Oh ya, I really recommend you to check out product reviews before purchase any beauty product, specially for unfamiliar product. The majority of the product on these places and shops are cheap, but better to know what you are getting into before spending money right?
Shop during Bonus Time
Several cosmetic companies occasionally offer sale, discount or offer gifts when special event or when a suctomer makes a minimum purchase. I always save money on makeup by finding sales or discount promo. For example, Shu Eumura offers me Rp. 250.000 cash back with minimum purchase Rp. 1.000.000. By spending Rp. 1.000.000, I get Shu Eumura Foundation (cost Rp 750.000) and Shu Eumura Lipstick (cost Rp. 375.000) but I only spend Rp. 750.000. 

Another example, Estee Lauder sometimes offer travel size skin care and lipstick to anyone who spend over Rp. 1.650.00. That day, I plan on purchasing skin care product and foundation from Estee Lauder and I avail the promo offer. By spend Rp. 1.650.000 I get Estee Lauder Foundation (cost Rp. 550.000), Estee Lauder Micro Essence (cost Rp. 1.100.000) and free travel size skin care set.

Selling your Gently Used Product
Like every girl in this planet, every time I throw my makeup in bin, I feel extremely mad and sad.  I feel like throwing precious gem into the sea. However as time goes by, I no longer do that since years ago. I prefer to sell my gently used product instead of throw them away.

For me selling is rewarding on multiple levels. I get my cash and best of all, I'm reassured that my unwanted stuff is going to be used not broken and wasted. Using Social Media or Selling Application, I've sold my makeup, beauty tools supplies and even sample that I get from the brand. 

The idea of this initiation was clear; by selling your used product/pre-loved product at least you get your money back and your stuff will still useful.

That's all my version of beauty budget. I started doing this last two years, in July 2014. The point of this practice was really to stop myself from being constantly blow out a lot of money. This tips probably isn't something that would work for anyone who love beauty product or someone who passionate to try many beauty products. Everyone has their thing that they value spending money on and I am sure that some people enjoy spend lot cost as much as their wallet allows. But for me, this tips help me to organized my financial plan and this routine help me spending my money more wise and help me to maintain the health of my skin and hair by using only products I trully need, love, trust and of course fit with my budget.

              With love, 

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